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My traffic is fresh, responsive and lucrative. You're making a great decision buying from me!

Solo ads are the best, most lucrative source of traffic today. A Great solo is built from 2 metrics: Cost per optin and Tier 1 traffic percentage.
When you buy a solo from me you get a high level of these two metrics!
My traffic is fresh, responsive and lucrative. You’re making a great decision buying from me!




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“I’ve ordered 100 clicks and received: 119 within 24 hours.
Results: 67.23% optin! (80 fresh subs) with 70% tier.
I will be back for more soon!”
Peter FanYin
“I bought 200 clicks from Ran Magal and received 288 clicks. The results: 51.39% optin.
Great results. Awesome support. I will buy more FOR SURE! VERY recommended .Thank you.”
Mark McClure
“I bought 300 clicks from Ran Magal and recieved 360! Results: 54% opt-in (64% of original order) 65% Top Tier (78%). Great guy, very good traffic, I will return again to buy more”
Eran Elboher
Rans traffic is AWESOME,  I ordered 200 and received 263! Results: 64% Opt-In!!! Tier 1: 79%!!! guy communicates brilliant, does what he says, no BS. Loving dealing with Ran, he is now among my BEST providers, thanks again Ran”
David Wolfe
“Bought 200 clicks from Ran. Received 239! Results: 50% optin rate, an amazing 72% T1. Amazing customer service, quality traffic, great over-delivery. I will be back very soon to order more clicks. thank you bro..”
Igal Bettan
“Got 100 clicks with Ran for testings. i recieved 124. Results: 51 opt-ins (41.13%)! This was my first time working with Ran and it was a good experience for sure. Ran was quick to reply to my questions and provided excellent communication throughout my solo. Great solo, awesome over-delivery, and a great guy to work with. I’ll be back soon to buy more clicks Ran”
Kevin Ocasio
“Seller: Ran Magal, Clicks Ordered: 200, Clicks Received: 264 (CRAZY!!!). Time Frame: 48h. Results: Optins:50.05% Premium 70% !!!! Ran is a great saler gave me a good service above and beyond for First time customer,amazing traffic, wanting to buy again from him!”
Marina Solo Ad
“We got a nice 67% opt-in from Ran’s last solo! we ordered 400 clicks and received 480. With such an amazing over delivery, for sure we will be back soon — feeling happy.”
Micardo N Sarah Cowell
“Seller: Ran Magal, Clicks Ordered: 150, Clicks Received:170. Results: Very good list! Will buy again soon”
Monica Butaran-Josafat
“ This is my 3rd order from Ran. I ordered 200 clicks Received: 234 !!! Time Frame: less than 24 hours ! Results: 56% optin, 3 sales!!! Ran never lets me down . I made a total of 8 sales out of 400 clicks with him. Totally recommend him!
Şerban Pop

Please Read The Information Below Before Ordering

  • All solos will be sent out to my lists only, NO exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchanges, NO safelists, NO other things other than my lists
  • Solos are mostly for Internet Marketing/Make Money Online related free offers. If you want to advertise a paid offer, contact me first. While exceptions can sometimes be made, I send mostly to free offers. You of course can then have as many paid OTO’s as you wish after the subscriber has opted in to your list.)
  • Preferably you provide your swipe and I have the right to change it if it’s needed. Please keep your ad short and sweet.
  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money.
  • By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the no refund policy.
  • I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date.


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Please Note: After you order, you will be redirected to a page where you can fill out a form with your link and email swipe copy.

50 Unique Clicks Guaranteed – Only $30


100 Unique Clicks Guaranteed – Only $60


200 Unique Clicks Guaranteed – Only $120


300 Unique Clicks Guaranteed – Only $180


500 Unique Clicks Guaranteed – Only $300


1000 Unique Clicks Guaranteed – Only $600



I can only guarantee the number of clicks that you order and the fact that they are genuine clicks (real, interested people).

I can NOT guarantee sales and optins. I can not determine the results you will have by using my service. Your results will depend on how well your sales funnel converts.

I can not commit how soon your campaign can go out from the moment you’ve ordered and that’s why i urge you to contact me prior to ordering.

By making your purchase for a solo ad from me, you agree that solo ads are non-tangible goods and are not covered by a refund option whatsoever, regardless of the reason why. If for whatever reason you have doubts that you can trust me or this service, do not purchase. By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the NO REFUND POLICY.

Contact: molecaster@gmail.com
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